1924 Moon

Under its founder, Joseph W. Moon, the St. Louis-based Moon Motor Car Company established a reputation for quality and attractive coachwork that firmly established it as a value leader in the medium-priced field. Stewart McDonald, Moon's son-in-law, gradually acceded to the company's management and eventually transitioned production to higher volumes. Unlike most of its counterparts, Moon trumpeted its outside sourced components -- Continental engines, Warner transmissions, Spicer universals, Delco electrics, Brown-Lipe differentials -- as a guaranty of quality, reliability, economy and easy service while focusing on the company's carriage building tradition to set its coachwork designs and elaborate trimming apart from its competition. It was a successful formula limited only by the company's production capacity. 1923 marked the Moon automobile's high point. With only two models in production, the 6-40 and 6-58, Moon could concentrate its efforts at meeting its increasingly sophisticated clientele's expectations for a variety of coachwork and accoutrements resulting in production of nearly 6,000 cars. Led by its distinctive triangle topped radiator shell (bearing no small resemblance to the Rolls-Royce) this 1923 Moon 6-40 Landau sedan is a wonderful example of the type. Powered by Continental's 6Y 196 cubic inch L-head six with 50 brake horsepower, it is subtly liveried in dark blue with rich blue cloth upholstery and interior trim befitting the marque's reputation for quality. The body is generously equipped with a windshield visor, opening windshield, pull-up rear quarter windows, a rear window shade, bud vase, disc wheels and leatherette-covered rear-mounted spare. The Monogram drum headlights, radiator shell and other exterior bright work are nickel and the body is tastefully accented with parallel gold coachlines. It is a quality older restoration that has been toured and has recently been thoroughly detailed. Few Moons survive and they recall a singular and important marque that built a reputation for quality, comfort, reliability and good design.

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