1912 Ford Model T Roadster

Arguably the most important automobile in history, Henry Ford's Model T was a pioneer. When it was introduced in late 1908 most automobiles were luxurious accoutrements to wealthy families which were attended by full time chauffeurs.

Henry changed all that with the Model T, a lightweight, simple, rugged machine that could be maintained by mechanically adept farmers, ranchers and tradesmen.

Its 22 horsepower four, 2-speed planetary gearbox and wheel steering were almost intuitively simple to operate. And, unlike a horse, it didn't need to be fed when it wasn't working.

Economically produced and sold at a price that started as just $825, it revolutionized the society of America -- and later the world. Part of the charm of early Model Ts, aside from their importance in history, is the abundant use of brass that characterized them until it was replaced in 1917 by more black paint.

This 1912 Ford Model T Roadster is true to that history, with brass radiator, windshield frame, lights, acetylene generator, bulb horn, bell, Jones speedometer and Ford script oil can that harmonize with its white paint, black leather upholstery and black top.

It is further accessorized with a set of Buffalo wire wheels, a mother-in-law seat on the rear deck and a desirable Ruckstell 2-speed rear axle that has made its long touring practical and enjoyable. Its road trips have included the United Kingdom, Bermuda, New Zealand, Nova Scotia, at least one Glidden Tour and several Muddy T Tours.

Usability is enhanced by conversion of the Ford-script Brown Manufacturing headlights to electricity and addition of an electric starter. It is provided with a full set of tires and fire extinguisher .

Freshly detailed and serviced, it is ready to resume touring with pride and confidence and capable of long distance events at highway speeds by virtue of its Ruckstell axle. It will remind a new generation of the exceptional qualities and significance of Henry Ford's Model T, and do it with style and panache ... not bad for a car 101 years old.

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