1942 ERF D16 Truck

Foden was one of Britain's earliest builders of road locomotives, steam-powered prime movers built to haul heavy loads, slowly but steadily down Britain's lanes and roads.

Its founder, Eric Richard Foden, in the 1930's recognized the potential of diesel power and set out on his own with a new marque, ERF, to exploit it. The Cab over Engine ERFs became stalwarts of British trucking and Foden soon joined the shift to diesel.

This magnificent 1942 ERF built during World War II is ample evidence of the importance of transport to the war effort, receiving allotments of scarce materials to keep goods moving.

It is powered by a 7.7 liter AEC diesel with a correct David Brown 5-speed gearbox and is beautifully liveried in red with black fenders, gold accents and hand painted graphics.

Restored in Britain less than ten years ago, it has been a highlight of British historic racing paddocks in recent years and is ready to distinguish itself in similar applications in the U.S or to be a distinct and different British cousin in a collection of heavy trucks.

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