1947 Cisitalia 202 SMM Aerodynamica

In the World War II rubble that the Allies and Germans left behind in Italy nothing was more surprising than the speed with which racing resumed. It was in the Italian character and while Ferrari began his inexorable march to domination of sports cars in 1947 the Prancing Horse was beaten to the starting grid by Piero Dusio's D46 Cisitalia single seater in 1946. As with many Italian racing cars of the time the Cisitalia was based on Fiat 1100 components but lightened to within an inch of endurance. Legends of Italian racing and automobile history collaborated, Dante Giacosa, Giovanni Savonuzzi, and Stabilmenti Farina among them. Their masterpiece was the Cisitalia 202 MM Coupe Aerodinamica, a tiny, sleek coupe that challenged giants in the great early postwar races. The embryonic expression of the streamlined concepts that would come to define mid-20th century automobile design, the Cisitalia 202 MM Coupe Aerodinamica is a watershed, milestone moment in the automobile's evolution. Its visual appeal, light, responsive performance, heritage and readily available Fiat 1100 components have made it a favorite of collectors, as well as delightfully simple to replicate. That is what this 1947 Cisitalia 202 MM Coupe Aerodinamica is. Reproduced in composite materials with Fiat 1100 power and suspension, it is nor more or less than what Piero Dusio, Giovanni Savonuzzi and Dante Giacosa created in 1947, a special based on tuned Fiat 1100 components. It won't get its new owner an entry to the Mille Miglia Retro, but it will attract positive attention at any tour, event or Saturday afternoon drive where it appears. The tiny, curvaceous body offers minimal resistance to its passage through the atmosphere extracting the maximum performance from its tuned Fiat engine. Handsomely built with authentic period components, this Cisitalia 202 MM Coupe Aerodinamica replica is period performance and legendary design at an affordable price.

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