1929 Cadillac V-8 Sport Phaeton

Ever dream of trolling used car lots in the Fifties? Duesenberg’s, Cadillac’s, Pierce-Arrows and Lincolns of the Twenties and Thirties were parked along the back rows, big, gas-hungry, open relics just twenty or thirty years old shunted aside in favor of late model Kaisers and Hudson’s. This 1929 Cadillac 341-B Sport Phaeton was one of those cars until it was discovered in a San Francisco garage. Someone took it home, gave it love and attention as needed and a subsequent owners have preserved it in refreshing condition to this day. It earned an AACA National First Prize in 1969. Bodied by Fisher in the close-coupled sport phaeton style it has dual side-mounted spares under tan cloth covers with strap-on mirrors, a tan cloth covered trunk, trunk rack, Trippe lights, wind wings and an accessory rear seat windshield by J.D. Shield & Co. Over the years it's had attention as needed including new tires and a set of correct side curtains. A full set of tools, owner's manual and shop manual accompany it. It has a great, honest, old look, a tribute to the collectors who found, maintained and preserved this 1929 Cadillac with its new and revolutionary 'Silent-Shift' synchromesh transmission and Delco shocks. It is a timeless and important link with collectors who recognized and preserved the appeal of seemingly outdated automobiles two generations ago.

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