1938 John Deere Model D Tractor

Starting with the cast steel plow, Deere & Company became a leader in agricultural implements and machinery. Challenged by a succession of innovators, most notably by Cyrus McCormick's mechanical reapers, Deer continued to innovate until in 1923 it introduced its first entirely new tractor, the Model D, succeeding the 'Waterloo Boy'. Initially equipped with steel cleated wheels, the Model D's claim to fame and success was its opposed two-cylinder engine. Initially with 464 cubic inches displacement, later with even more, 500 cubic inches, the Model D's reliability, adaptability and rugged construction made the distinctively erratic power strokes of 'Johnny Poppers' the mainstay of farms across rural America. This 1938 John Deere Model D is a fixed tread width tractor with rubber tires and the many features that endeared John Deere tractors to farmers including a wide belt drive sheave for powering stationary equipment and the low driver's position slightly offset to the right that was familiar and comfortable to farmers accustomed to driving horses. Impressively restored in Deere green with rubber tires on bright yellow spoked front wheels and weighted rear wheels for traction, it is from the next-to-last year of Model D's production. It is even more important to America's internal combustion engine history than the most exotic Classic. Just remember, it takes skill to go through its spin-the-flywheel starting routine, but once it's going there's not much that will stop it.

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