1997 Talbo Replica Coupe

George Balaschak established TLC Carrossiers in 1990 to apply his skill and experience in advanced engineering, CNC, CAD and restoration of automobiles and classic wooden boats to create an amazing, accurate modern manifestation of the Figoni & Falaschi bodied Talbot-Lago. Using an original T 150 CSS from the Brooks Stevens museum to establish the design parameters, TLC went on to create its own frame with fully independent suspension and a beautifully trimmed and finished re-creation of the fabulous Figoni & Falaschi Teardrop body which they called the Talbo. Over the years the Talbo has been admired and praised by writers like Rich Taylor and Patrick Bedard and designers including Strother MacMinn. It is believed that only 21 Talbos were built in two series that differed primarily in their drivetrains. This beautiful 1997 Talbo is a Series 1 model powered by a 230hp 5.0- liter Mustang V-8 with automatic transmission. Finished in deep maroon with biscuit leather upholstery it has chrome wire wheels, blackwall tires, power steering, power disc brakes, air conditioning, tilt steering column, 6-way adjustable custom-made power seats, power windows, cruise control and a CD stereo. The interior it luxuriously trimmed in leather and accented by CNC carved deeply varnished Honduras mahogany trim. The headlights are hidden in the front fenders, rotating to the driving position when turned on. All the bright exterior trim is individually made from highly polished and carefully fitted stainless steel. It has just 14,000 miles from new and looks like it. It is an amazing example of dedication, care and attention to detail, a modern grand touring automobile, easily serviced and with all the comforts, conveniences and amenities that modern drivers expect. It is guaranteed to stop traffic wherever it appears and draw an admiring crowd when it is parked. Experienced onlookers will appreciate its quality and attention to detail while everyone will be captivated by the genius of the coachwork's flowing lines. A 1930's-built Talbot-Lago Teardrop is a mid-seven figure automobile, too valuable to be used with comfort. This Talbo Series 1 Teardrop excites the same appreciation of its stunning design in an affordable, comfortable, reliable modern car.

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