1942 Chevrolet Pick Up

Civilian production of 1942 model year vehicles ended in February 1942 as America shifted into top gear for World War II. Jeeps, tanks, airplanes, engines and a plethora of armaments and supporting equipment replaced cars and trucks on the assembly lines of GM, Ford, Chrysler, Willys and Packard. That is, except at Chevrolet where production of BK-series 3100 pickups continued right through the war. Adapted to military use as support vehicles in shipyards, air fields and war production facilities, Chevy pickups also supplied America's essential farms, orchards and ranches in their essential contribution to the war effort. This 1942 Chevrolet 3100 pickup is one of the first 42's produced in August 1941. It has been thoroughly restored in wartime configuration, devoid of all but the most essential chrome and stainless steel trim on wearing surfaces like door handles. Finished in deep blue with black fenders, a silver painted body accent and red coachline, it has brown leatherette upholstery and dark varnished wood on the bed floor with black painted bed strips. This is a truly utilitarian truck with a single windshield wiper and crank-out windshield. One concession to comfort is the heater, the most significant piece of bright work are the four Chevrolet-branded chrome hubcaps. Utility for modern owners include fog lights wired as directional signals and dual taillights with directionals. Its appearance is striking and leaves no doubt that it was intended to accomplish an important job during the war effort. Few of these '42 pickups survived the war and the hard work they had to do in making their contribution to the 'Arsenal of Democracy' but this one has made it and then received a thorough, careful, proper restoration the way it was built. It is a sweet truck that runs and drives extremely well. It will always attract positive attention.

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