1949 Rolls-Royce Wraith Limousine

The refined 25/30hp Rolls-Royce was re-introduced in late 1938 as the Wraith with overhead intake and side exhaust valves, part of Rolls-Royce's policy of continuing improvement.

The principal improvement was independent front suspension employing the wishbone system developed on the Phantom II with combined coil springs and hydraulic shocks. Second gear acquired synchromesh, a hypoid rear axle drive lowered the driveshaft until its effect on the interior was nearly imperceptible and the steering was improved to both lighten its effort and improve the road feel.

More economical that the big Phantom, the Wraith reflected no compromises in comfort or quality. Improved after the war as the Silver Wraith it continued the quality, silence and luxury that made Rolls-Royces great automobiles. Brought back into production in 1947, its appeal to Rolls-Royce's clientele was evident by its continuation in production until 1957.

This 1949 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Limousine has limousine coachwork by Hooper with a retracting roof over the driver's compartment. It is finished in burgundy with black fenders, roof and rear body section with matching wheel covers, leather interior and carpets.

Righthand drive, it features the Lucas P100 headlights that were prominent features of the Silver Wraith, a power division window and driving light. It has been updated with a modern air conditioning system and Alpine stereo in the rear.

Trimmed with inviting leather and rich wood accents, the interior is particularly appealing. The paint shows some age and a few flaws but is sound and looks good to all but the closest inspection. The engine bay is clean and orderly.

This Silver Wraith gives the impression of a good, sound automobile that has had its needs met as they arose without ever falling into neglect or being mistreated. It is clean, tidy and orderly throughout and should be a highly satisfying weekend driver or tour car.


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