1934 Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce in common with other luxury marques realized during the Depression that its one-model policy no longer fit economic realities and introduced the Twenty and later the 20/25hp, smaller Rolls-Royce models intended for owner-drivers who appreciated Rolls-Royce quality in a smaller and more easily driven package. The only compromise was size; quality was never sacrificed to price. While most were bodied for owner-driver operation the 20/25's quality and compact dimensions commended it to a few discerning owners who appreciated its style, presence, and practicality in city use, like this 1934 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Limousine bodied by Hooper, one of England's most highly regarded coachbuilders for Rolls-Royce. Nothing was compromised in bodying this smaller Rolls-Royce and its equipment includes dual enclosed side-mounts, wheel discs, Lucas P100 headlights, dip beam light, dual horns, a rollup division window, door pockets, smoker's kits, intercom, a pull-down shade on the division window and George Sykes' famed Spirit of Ecstasy radiator mascot. The side windows are unusual in that the upper part of the glass is fixed and only the lower part rolls down into the doors. Right-hand drive, it is attractively finished in brown to the bonnet, upper body and fenders and tan to the sides with tan leather upholstery throughout. Its exclusivity is apparent in the absence of two features: there are no jump seats so the entire elegant rear compartment is exclusively available to the two principal occupants; and there is no luggage rack, implying that this was strictly an urban conveyance for formal and important business use. The front fenders are distinguished by a possibly unique feature, rear vision mirrors recessed into the trailing edge of a nacelle molded into the top of the fender behind the parking lights. This 1934 Rolls-Royce 25/30 is an older restoration that runs and drives well and shows all the indications of having a succession of caring owners who kept up with its cosmetic and mechanical needs. The paint, chrome and interior all are sound and presentable and the underlying coachwork is solid and straight. It is an unusual example of formal coachwork on the 20/25 chassis with Hooper's established reputation for the finest bespoke coachwork, quality construction and meticulous details.

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