1929 Ford Model A Pickup

Ford's Model A pickups were the mainstay of America's journeymen, contractors, farmers and ranchers. In the Thirties, when the Model As were only a few years old, they were worked until they dropped during a time when making a buck hauling someone's produce or getting feed to a stock pen made the difference between hunger and putting supper on the table. Few, however, survived the kind of work they had to do in the Thirties, and even fewer survived the attentions of hot-rodders in the Forties and Fifties who appreciated their rugged style. This is one of the survivors, a Texas truck that was stored for decades and still retains its Henry Ford body, even the bed and wood bed floor. Finished in Forest Green with black fenders and yellow wire wheels, its interior is upholstered and trimmed in black leatherette. The cab has a black leatherette roof with matching windshield visor over the opening windshield while the bed is accented by varnished wood sideboards. The yellow wire wheels mount a set of Firestone-branded whitewall tires and there is a single side-mounted spare on the driver's side. Other than the door handles there is no chrome or bright work on this truck, it is pure utility. It was discovered several years ago and given a comprehensive restoration to serve as the signature vehicle for an automobile company and has been reserved in high quality condition since it was restored. It runs and drives well and is ready to go back into service as a business's calling card or for running errands for an enthusiast, ranch or estate.

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