1929 LaSalle Convertible Coupe

General Motors positioned LaSalle between Buick and Cadillac in Alfred P. Sloan's aspirational ladder and asked a young designer at Don Lee Cadillac in Los Angeles named Harley Earl to submit coachwork concepts for its introduction in 1927. Based on the sporty, low-slung Hispano-Suiza, Earl's designs were exactly what Sloan and Cadillac president Larry Fisher wanted -- a crisp, new, instantly recognizable alternative to Cadillac's conservative appearance. Earl went on to build an empire at GM, wielding influence throughout the automotive world from then until his retirement in the Fifties. By 1929 LaSalle was a successful part of GM's commercial empire with individual styling, Cadillac quality and performance to match from its 328 cubic inch 86 brake horsepower V-8 and 3-speed synchromesh transmission. This 1929 LaSalle Series 328 has Convertible Coupe coachwork by Fisher on the 134" wheelbase chassis. Liveried in burgundy with maroon fenders and upholstered in matching maroon leather; it has a beige cloth top. The ensemble is stylishly set off by dark grey painted wire wheels and whitewall tires, a luggage trunk covered in beige fabric matching the top, a wire mesh radiator stone guard and dual side-mounted spares with strap-on mirrors. Its ownership history is known almost from new, a sure sign of a classic car that has been consistently appreciated and received good care. It has had a thorough restoration to better than new condition with limited subsequent use and age and the paint, chrome and interior are in excellent condition. Famed for their youthful style, excellent performance and Cadillac-built quality, LaSalle enjoyed significant success and are still valued by collectors today for the same attributes. This is an excellent example that will add luster to any collection or make any tour, event or weekend jaunt a pleasure.

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