1929 Ford Gas Truck

Ford's earliest trucks weren't trucks at all; they were modified Model T passenger cars. They proved two things. First, that Ford built an incredibly rugged and utilitarian automobile. Second, that there was a viable, sizable market for light- and medium-duty trucks that, unlike horses, needed to be fed only when used. By the end of the Model T's production Ford was marketing truck-specific models, many of them supplied as cab and chassis and bodied by outside vendors for specific markets. When the Model A arrived the more rugged AA truck was part of the mix from the beginning and it differed in several important ways from the light data Model A-based trucks. The frame itself was heavier, it has a 4-speed transmission with reverse lockout, low ratio rear axle to pull heavy loads and semi-elliptical leaf springs on the rear axle instead of the Model A's transverse leaf spring. This 1929 Model AA truck is fully restored, resplendent in the bright, cheerful livery of the West Coast's Polly Gas stations, deep green with yellow coachlines and Polly's parrot on the fuel tank in the bed. The composite roof covering is duplicated in a windshield sun visor and there are black fenders, black steel wheels and black wall tires. The windshield has a single wiper and opens for ventilation. Flanking the tank along the bed sides are an array of large cans, some for oil and others to dispense gasoline for retailers without storage tanks and pumps. The back end of the tank opens up barn door style with storage for a fuel dispensing funnel, a fuel can and various supplies. The tank itself has three compartments, each with its own nozzle even though regular, high test and super were not fuel options in 1929. The restoration is very high quality, done throughout to very high standards and just the way it should be. It will be a colorful addition to any collection and particularly appropriate in a vintage race paddock.

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