1969 Ford Good Humor Ice Cream Truck

Few things recall the Fifties and Sixties more than the sound of the bells of the Good Humor ice cream truck. Now available in convenience stored and supermarkets, ice cream on a stick never tasted better than when it was bought from a Good Humor truck, surrounded by a gang of friends. Orange Creamsicles, Toasted Almond, classic chocolate-covered vanilla, it was a kid's introduction to inhaling a frozen treat on a hot summer's day before it dribbled onto the ground, a low temperature sugar-high on a hot summer's day. Complicated business issues handicapped Good Humor's operations in the late Sixties but a few new trucks were bought to replace an aging fleet, like this 1969 Ford F-100. It embodies all that's good about Good Humor trucks, the open driver's seat with custom sides and no right side door so the operator could quickly alight to serve hordes of diminutive customers and rope-operated bells to announce the Good Humor truck's approach. It's been retrofitted with a 120v chiller to freeze the product in the thoroughly insulated freezer box for a day's run, replacing the dry ice used more frequently. The left side has a swing-out stop sign to caution drivers passing by to the presence of Good Humor customers; a lighted sign over the windshield advertises popular Good Humor items. Powered by a reliable Ford six-cylinder engine with automatic transmission, it is fully functional, attractively presented and ready to thrill new generations of kids with the experience of delivered-to-their-playground cold, creamy treats on a stick.

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