1956 Buick

Buick's signature identity in the mid-Fifties was its semi-circular rear wheel arches adhering tightly to the tire circumference. Offered in just three years, 1955-57, its identity, along with superior power, comfort and the performance of the dual-pitch Dynaflow automatic transmission, contributed to Buick's firm grip on third place among Detroit manufacturers. Buick's sales were a noteworthy accomplishment for a marque positioned above both Pontiac and Oldsmobile in GM's aspirational ladder, an effect equally attributable to Buick's value and to the vibrant, successful, upwardly mobile US economy of the time. The Series 50 Super combined the 127 inch wheelbase and body of the Series 70 Roadmaster with Buick's high performance 322 cubic inch 255hp "Nailhead" V-8. Dynaflow was standard. The second-most popular Buick Super model was the two-door hardtop, all hardtops being described as "Riviera’s" by Buick's publicists. It is attractively presented in Cambridge Blue with Dover White roof and side sweep panel with black and white upholstery and interior trim. In addition to its V-8 power and dual pitch Dynaflow transmission it is equipped with power brakes, power steering, radio, heater, clock, windshield washers, wheel covers and whitewall tires. The signature Buick dashboard with its engine-turned panel and straight-line speedometer is in excellent condition, as is the padded dashboard. Under the hood the engine and compartment are attractively detailed. The chrome is also very attractive. This is a quality automobile done to attractive standards of fit, finish and function to showroom standards of appearance, methods, finishes and materials. It will be a highly attractive driver on summer weekends or on tours.

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