1952 Mercedes-Benz 170 Cabriolet

Mercedes-Benz introduced the first 170 at the Berlin Auto Show in 1936 and resumed production in 1946. Eventually in a number of variants 91,735 were built of which just 2,433 were the distinctive open Cabriolet A version of this example, a 1951 170S titled as a 1952. A four-cylinder engine of 1,767cc with 52 (DIN) horsepower drives through a 4-speed gearbox. The Mercedes-Benz’s independent front suspension with swing axle rear rides on coil springs. The 170S was never officially sold in the U.S. but a few came home with tourists and returning servicemen who appreciated their quality, excellent ride and distinctive appearance. This example is a sound, complete and straight original car with a presentable old repaint in metallic green. The black leather upholstery is probably original and now is tattered and rigid although the carpets have been replaced. The top has holes in it but the interior wood, of which there is plenty, is in good, sound condition. Remarkably, nothing is missing, not even the beautiful round dial Becker dual band radio or the exterior and interior chrome and knobs. It appears to have been used until it was superseded, and then put safely away after an engine service and a new set of tires. There are no significant dents, dings or rust. With some mechanical work, seat covers and a new top it should be capable of being driven and enjoyed although a restoration -- simple and straightforward due to its condition and completeness -- is obviously in its not too distant future. It is a rare, at least in the U.S., example of Mercedes-Benz quality and resiliency in the early postwar years and an open body style infrequently seen.

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