1936 Dodge Woody Wagon

Dodge shipped 57,226 of its half-ton LC trucks in 1936, production that owed no small debt to the restyled, modern bodies introduced this year. With their rubber-mounted engines moved forward they also had significantly enhanced carrying capacity. One of the most unusual bodies for 1936 was the Westchester Suburban built by J.T. Cantrell & Company in Huntington, New York. Cantrell built nothing but station wagon bodies during a long and successful period from the mid-teens until well after World War II and were known for the quality of their craftsmanship, their cost-effective batch construction techniques and their insistence upon building not only the wooden bodywork but also the interior seats to their high standards. Most were erected on economical chassis from Chevrolet, Dodge and Studebaker but on occasion Cantrell also bodied chassis from Rolls-Royce, Chrysler and at least one elaborate Buick built for Marshall Field. This 1936 Dodge LC Westchester Suburban is a handsome older restoration that exemplifies the quality and diversity of Cantrell's construction. It is finished in Maroon with brightly varnished wood framing and panels and an elaborate open batten composite covered roof structure. Dodge offered two versions of the Suburban, this is the open side with side curtains -- glass was another $25. It will be a distinctive and highly unusual addition to any collection that is perfect for a ranch, hotel or weekend retreat at the beach or in the mountains.

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