1931 Auburn Speedster

No automobile in America quite so exemplified the attribute of value for money as Auburn. Powered by Lycoming-built straight eight engines, with sleek, low-slung coachwork designed by Alan Leamy, Auburn made competing marques look pale in design, performance and most of all in the modest cost which E.L. Cord's industrial conglomerate made possible. The Speedster was a prime example. Lightweight and seating just two people, its tapered boattail body shouted performance, a promise on which its 98hp drivetrain made good. Leamy's Auburn design for 1931 was completely new, with an elegant new grille, sweeping front fenders and a low hood line that made even bulky sedan bodies look good. On the Speedster it was nothing short of spectacular and has been constantly admired by car lovers ever since it was introduced. This 1931 8-98A Boattail Speedster is finished in maroon with a cream accent, chrome wire wheels, wide whitewall tires and beige leather upholstery. The body is all-steel and is fitted with freewheeling which in the hands of skilled driver allows clutchless upshifts from first to second and second to third. A set of dual side-mounted spares with mirrors further accents the boattail speedster's gorgeous lines, from its enclosed radiator grille shell through the steeply raked vee windshield to the delicately shaped boattail. It is an older restoration but has been consistently maintained mechanically and runs and drives superbly. The cosmetics are very pretty, but the older paint job is showing some issues. While it is a perfect tour car it will need a repaint to reach show quality standards, but for an owner who wants to appreciate the driving dynamics of Auburn's Boattail Speedster without concern for over-restored paint it is the ideal tour and event car.

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