1936 Lincoln K

Introduced in 1931, the Lincoln Model K represented a dramatic leap for Lincoln from the Henry Leland-designed Model L V-8 that had been its power plant from the marque's inception. Its V-12 layout put Lincoln firmly in contention in the early Thirties' cylinder wars. Displacing 384 cubic inches, the Model K grew with competition to 1935's 414 cubic inches and 150 horsepower, a rating that was less important than the 4 1/2 inch stroke V-12's torque and smooth power delivery that suited its luxurious coachwork from Lincoln, Judkins, Willoughby, Brunn and LeBaron. Its refinement and performance made Lincolns the favorites of coachbuilders' who could cosset their clients in solid, quiet bodies lavishly trimmed and equipped, a style exemplified by this superb 1935 Lincoln Model K with close coupled sedan coachwork by Willoughby. Hugo Pfau in 'The Custom Body Era' describes Utica, New York-based Willoughby as "conservative but they were noted for the quality of their workmanship, especially their upholstering. They leaned to deeply tufted cushions with exceptionally soft, comfortable padding." That eloquently describes this 1935 Lincoln Model K with its restrained 5-window greenhouse, center latched doors, dual enclosed side-mounts, rich tan leather upholstery and subtle harlequin inlay in the interior wood trim. Equipped with body color steel spoke wheels, hubcaps, wide whitewall tires, B-L-C fog lights, luggage rack and smokers' kits for the rear compartment occupants, it exemplifies classic era luxury and refinement. The interior wood is particularly notable, not just for its finish and fit but also for the fine inlay that sets it off. Once part of the collection of Roy Warshawsky (best known for his company's retail auto parts catalog, J.C. Whitney) it is a quality older restoration that has been cosmetically freshened with quality paint and interior. Rarely seen in this configuration with coachwork by Willoughby, it is a CCCA Full Classic (tm) that will be appreciated on tours and shows as an example of Lincoln's and Willoughby's quality and performance.

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