1985 Aston Martin Lagonda

In 1976 flared, bellbottom trousers and flowered shirts were in vogue. A gallon of regular gas cost 57 cents. The Concorde started supersonic service between Europe and the US. ABBA climbed the pop charts. 'Punk' became popular, in style and music. And right in there with open marriage and Afro hairdos was the Aston Martin Lagonda. It is difficult to identify other automobiles that so effected and affected the style of their day as the Lagonda. Long and shingle-shaped with a low flat hood, shrunken roof and impossibly luxuriously and futuristically equipped interior, it was the ultimate 4-door saloon ('sedan' in American.) It was like nothing else before or since. Built in the Aston Martin tradition of bespoke construction, each of its four cam V-8 engines was signed by the Newport Pagnell craftsman who built it. The dashboard forecast Star Wars, a panoply of touch switches, and nixie tube displays with voice alerts in suave British tones. Swathed in fine leather and rich wood, it recalled Thirties' coachwork with a retracting sunroof ... over the rear seats, not the driver. The four-cam 5,340cc Aston Martin V-8 cranked out over 300 brake horsepower and gave the sleek William Towns designed Lagonda saloon 140+ mph performance. Built from 1974-1990 they cost $15,000 in 1985, explaining why production reached only 645 in fifteen years. They are brilliant, shining expressions of their time and a design that has never been equaled, let alone bettered, in expressing the adventurous spirit of their time. This 1985 Aston Martin Lagonda is beautifully liveried in slate grey metallic that highlights its sleek lines balanced by grey leather upholstery and interior trim as luxurious as the concept of the car. Equipped with the automatic transmission and air conditioning standard on every Lagonda, it has its original factory-fitted warning flares, fire extinguisher, rear seat sunroof and alloy wheels and is now fitted with a high performance stereo with Sony head unit and Nakamichi amps. A low miles car in extraordinary condition, it has excellent paint, bodywork, wheels and interior and is in nearly like new condition throughout. It's impossible to go back to the Swinging Seventies, but this Aston Martin Lagonda is close to a time machine.

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