1930 LaSalle All Weather Phaeton

Harley Earl designed the 1927 LaSalle, the first year for Cadillac's junior marque, on a commission from Larry Fisher and Alfred P. Sloan. Taking cues from the highly regarded Hispano-Suiza, Earl brought a fresh, new approach to American automobile design which immediately positioned LaSalle, with V-8 power and Cadillac build quality, as one of the preferred brands for America's Jazz Age flappers and their beaus. Sloan quickly established GM's corporate Art & Color Department, installed Harley Earl at its head and encouraged him to bring integrated design to all GM's divisions. By 1930 LaSalle had followed Cadillac's progression, using Cadillac's 1928-29 341 cubic inch 90hp V-8 engine and expanding its coachwork offerings to include six from Fleetwood, acquired by GM in 1925 and specializing in the most exclusive, luxurious semi-custom coachwork. This 1930 LaSalle 340 carries Fleetwood's 5-passenger All-Weather Phaeton coachwork, style 4080, the most expensive LaSalle offered in 1930 at $3,995 before custom touches, of which it has several including chrome wire wheels, wide whitewall tires, dual side-mounts, luggage trunk, rollup division window and an opening vee-windshield. It was restored in the early 00's to very high standards, winning its class at Bay Harbor and Meadow Brook in 2002 followed by a Grand National Trophy from the Cadillac-LaSalle club. It has been maintained in show car condition since. The coachwork displays many attributes that credit Harley Earl's design and the craftsmanship of Fleetwood's artisans like the vee windshield, a molded relief on the cowl matching the windshield, subtle peaks in the rear fenders and elegantly S-curved luggage rack rails. It comes with copies of its original build sheets. The exterior is liveried in Bay Tree Green with Bonaventure Green fenders and accents complemented by tan leather upholstery and interior trim and a beige soft top. It is done to the highest standards throughout and still, a decade after its restoration was completed is in show quality condition. It does not appear either from badges or documentation to have been judged by the Classic Car Club of America which accords the 1927-33 LaSalles Full Classic (tm) status and would be a welcome entrant in the club's events, tours and shows particularly for its elegant Fleetwood coachwork. This is an exceptional example of LaSalle quality, restored by experts, judged among the best in the world and subsequently conscientiously maintained in show-ready condition. Harley Earl would be proud to see his vision for LaSalle accorded such accolades and consideration.

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