1960 Chrysler 300F

Introduced in 1955 as the C-300, Chrysler's 300-series was an entirely new concept in luxury high performance full-size automobiles. It proved to be a lasting success, evolving in subsequent years' alphabetically designated models as a distinct, expensive and exclusive subset of Chrysler's big New Yorker series which demonstrated its importance as Chrysler's halo model by making the transition in 1960 to the new, unit body, construction and spreading its distinctive, aggressive styling influence through Chrysler's entire model range. Chrysler had superseded the expensive hemispherical combustion chamber V-8 in 1959 in favor of the 413 cubic inch RB series with wedge-shaped combustion chambers but 1960's 300F brought an entirely new concept to the dual four-barrel carburetor intakes which had characterized the 300s from their inception: the Long-Ram intake system which placed the carburetors outside the opposing cylinder heads on 30-inch long intake runners tuned to enhance the 300F's torque. They worked and while the 375 horsepower of the 300F was five less than in 1959 the 413 produced fantastic torque of 495 lb-ft at just 2,800 rpm, even more than the later 426 Hemi head version of the RB V-8 and the highest torque figure of any Chrysler V-8 of the 60's and 70's. It was perfect for the big, luxurious 300F, giving it an explosive launch from a dead stop and thrilling mid-range performance in ordinary driving, ideal for the successful executives and professionals that Chrysler's 300-series catered to. One of only 964 built, this 1960 Chrysler 300F Hardtop is a thrilling example of its appeal. Finished in the white over beige leather livery that was favored for the 300s, it has a full range of accessories including power swivel bucket seats, tachometer, wheel covers, whitewall tires, power windows and TorqueFlite automatic transmission. On the new canted fin body the bold, aggressive 300 grille with its chrome crossbars and tri-color 300 center emblem makes a statement which the 300F's power backs up with performance. It is every inch the performance car, yet one with comfort and luxury that still appeals to collectors today who appreciate the 300F's unique statement.

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