1936 Packard 8

By 1936 the side curtain roadster was already part Packard's history having been discontinued after 1932, and 1936 would mark the last year for the open phaeton. Most records record two body styles, phaeton and sport phaeton, in 1936 but there was a third, 7-passenger phaeton body style number 950 of which only three are known to have been built. This 1936 1405 Super Eight Phaeton with coachwork inspired by Ray Dietrich is the first of them. Its history records it being delivered first to the White House fleet in Washington, DC where it is believed to have been used in FDR's 1937 Inaugural parade. Only one other example is known to survive, making this one of the rarest of all classic Packards. Appropriately finished in black with matching black leather upholstery and tan cloth top, it is equipped with wire wheels with disc covers, whitewall tires, spotlight, dual enclosed side mounted spares with mirrors, and wheel discs and wind wings. It was restored some years ago and has been toured since -- including participating in the 1986 Great American Race when owned by Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan and completing a CCCA CARavan in the spring of 2011 -- with continuous attention to both its cosmetics and mechanics. The combination of its lightweight phaeton coachwork and the 150 horsepower Packard Super Eight 384 cubic inch engine -- the last year for this legendary engine which would be replaced in the 1937 Super Eight with the Standard Eight's 320 cubic inch eight -- makes it a fast, light, responsive car for touring. It drives extremely well and is notable for being a tight, solid, well-sorted performer that will delight its driver and passengers. Its rare and distinctive coachwork adds significantly to its appeal and presence.

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