1936 Morgan 4/4

Adding a fourth wheel to Morgan's established line of 3-wheelers was a major step, but one that even in the Depression was necessary to respond to the marketplace. Sales of 3-wheelers had fallen precipitously and were largely confined to a small and highly dedicated contingent of competitive owners. The larger market expected something more conventional and the 4/4 (or "4-4" as it was known pre-war for its 4 wheels and 4 cylinders) was the answer. While the first Morgan 4-wheeler had Ford power, all subsequent 4/4s until 1939 were powered by an F-head 1,122cc 34hp Coventry Climax four (built by Triumph) with a Meadows 4-speed transmission. The frame was based on two Z-section side rails and passed below the rear axle. The independent front suspension was Morgan's proprietary coil spring sliding pillar while the rear was a Salisbury live axle with leaf springs. Morgan, while steadily improving and developing the 4/4, continued to follow its lead until 1970 with the 4/4 and later Plus 4. This 1936 4/4 two-seater is one of the earliest built. Its factory-supplied documentation records its delivery date as March 12, 1936, only a few months after the 4/4 was announced, with the early style Coventry Climax engine with chain-driven combination generator/distributor. It has been carefully restored to highly presentable and usable condition with unpainted aluminum body, British Racing Green fenders and olive green leather upholstery. The cutaway front fenders are the early "droopy wings" style. Other features include a single driving light, steel disc wheels with spinner-type hubcaps, dual rear-mounted spares, black wall tires, a black plastic rim banjo spoke steering wheel and four separate gauges for charge, water temperature, oil pressure and fuel level. The gauges have dual markings in English and metric units. An SU electric fuel pump and SU carburetor have been fitted and it has no top or side curtains. As mentioned, it comes with documentation from the Morgan Car Company and a complete ownership history from new. It drives wonderfully with the crisp, responsive performance that has made Morgan’s the favorites of three generations of sports car owners. Its early production and configuration make this a particularly significant Morgan 4/4, significance that is reinforced by its jaunty appearance, sprightly performance and sympathetic restoration. The real deal and genuine article, it will be equally at home and important in a major collection or in the hands of an enthusiast who wants to experience the essence of the British sports car tradition.

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