1960 Triumph TR3

The Triumph TR series started out with several ill-conceived prototypes using various Standard-Triumph components. It wasn't until 1953 that the first Triumph TR2 appeared. Engineered by Ken Richardson, it incorporated the Standard Vanguard 2-liter engine in an envelope body and quickly proved its engine's power, the suspension's performance and the wind-cheating attributes of the body with a 125mph record run on the Jabbeke motorway in Belgium where only a few years before Jaguar had cemented the XK 120's stature by exceeding 120mph. Triumph did nearly 125mph with 1,991cc where Jaguar had needed 3,441cc. The TR2 was succeeded by the TR3 in 1955 and a year later became the first production car to offer standard front wheel disc brakes. The TR3A was introduced in 1957 with a wide grille, external door handles and locking trunk and represents to many collectors the culmination of one of the most successful -- in both driving and commercial terms -- of Fifties British sports cars. This example from 1960 is emblematic of the devotion which Triumph TR3A owners feel for their cars. It has been obsessively, comprehensively, assiduously restored in every aspect to very high standards of fit, finish and function. Finished in British Racing Green with biscuit leather upholstery piped in Green and a black vinyl top, it is equipped with silver-painted 60-spoke wire wheels, wood rimmed Moto-Lita steering wheel, wood shift knob, heater and a period accessory ash tray. Under the hood the engine bay is superb, with polished SU carburetors, intake manifold, a chrome valve cover and a Lucas-badged battery. It comes with an owner's manual. It is a beautiful example, done in every respect to the highest standards and maintained since it was completed in show-ready condition. In 1960 the Triumph TR3A offered the highest value for money of any production sports car; this car offers the same value.

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