1955 MG

T-series MGs are wonderful little cars. Their style and cheeky appeal are unique and dozens of clubs, thousands of enthusiastic owners, a network of parts suppliers and mechanics who are familiar with them complement the marvelous British sports car driving and handling experience that they embody. The series began in 1936 and evolved steadily into the 1950's while retaining the flowing fenders, signature grille shape, cut down doors and slab fuel tank that visually identify the MG T-series lineage. The final model in the series is the TF 1500 which incorporated the TF's lower silhouette, raked radiator, integrated headlights and 15 inch wheels with the 1.5 liter engine that would power the upcoming envelope bodied MG A. The extra power of the 1466cc engine at 63 horsepower, up six from the 1250 that preceded it, was a welcome increment in the competitive North American market where most of the 6,200 produced were marketed and makes them the quickest and easiest to drive of all the T-series. This TF is from the last year of production and is finished in MG Red with matching leather interior, black cloth top, tan top boot and black carpets. It is fitted with fender mirrors, chrome wire wheels, wind wings and black side curtains matching the top. It is a correctly restored car that has been driven and used lightly. The engine bay is detailed, orderly and correct, with an aluminum valve cover. Fit and finish are excellent. It is a straight, solid automobile that will be a superb driver that can be proudly shown in local events and particularly at the end of an enjoyable day's touring after enjoying the performance and style of the culmination of MG's famed T-series.

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