1907 Cadillac Model M Touring

Henry M. Leland pioneered the concept of precision-manufactured interchangeable parts applied to automobiles. A Vermonter, he'd learned the machinist trade in the armories of New England where the ability quickly to swap a trigger, hammer, spur or cylinder from one firearm to another in combat were the difference between life and death. He was called in by the Henry Ford Company's stockholders to assess the company's factories for liquidation. Instead, he proposed creating a new company, named Cadillac after Detroit's French explorer discoverer, to apply his principles of precision manufacturing. The result was "The Standard of the World," winning England's prestigious Dewar Trophy in 1908 with the Model K. This 1907 Model M is the same engine with two inches more wheelbase, a ten horsepower 98 cubic inch horizontal single-cylinder engine with 2-speed planetary transmission and chain drive, but with a more commodious 4-seat touring car body. Once part of Bill Harrah's famed collection in Reno (Sparks), Nevada, it has been restored with black coachwork, red chassis and wood spoke wheels, black wall tires and black leather upholstery. Road lighting is conveniently and adaptably supplied by an acetylene spotlight mounted on a swivel on the cowl where the driver or passenger can direct its beam precisely on the Cadillac's path. A Nonpariel bulb horn warns chickens, dogs and pedestrians of its approach. Restored some years ago, it has been consistently maintained since then and now runs and drives well as well-being handsomely presentable. It is an example of the very best of early American automobiles, an ideal mount for Brass & Gas tours that open new experiences and communities of owners and enthusiasts to collectors.

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