1930 Duesenberg Model J Convertible Berline

The Duesenberg Model J, "The Mightiest American Motor Car" in J.L. Elbert's words, needs little introduction. Its 420 cubic inch dual overhead camshaft inline eight-cylinder engine was rated at 265 horsepower and, even if that included a little artistic license, was still the most powerful automobile in America in the Thirties -- by a factor of two. E.L. Cord gave Fred Duesenberg the task of building such a powerful, strong, high quality automobile that even with the heaviest formal closed coachwork it would still dust off its competitors speedsters. Fred Duesenberg succeeded and the greatest coachbuilders of the day vied to cloth its 142 or 153 inch wheelbase chassis with the finest, most beautiful and refined coachwork they could conceive. Foremost among them was the Walter M. Murphy Company in Pasadena, California of which this 1929 Duesenberg Model J Convertible Berline -- a luxurious seven-passenger fully enclosed Berline with rollup windows and division window with a top that would, when the weather was fine and conditions warranted, fold away to create a luxurious open car. Among its important features is the thin post of the raked windshield that was part of Murphy's "Clear Vision" design. Sold by Duesenberg as a chassis, Murphy was commissioned to build this body to order by L.H. McCormick of Chicago's famed family descended from inventor Cyrus McCormick and it is today complete and correct in its original configuration including chassis, coachwork, engine and firewall. Its ownership history includes John Troka, D. Cameron Peck, Mills B. Lane, Richard Kughn, The Imperial Palace and the Blackhawk Collection. Faithfully attended to during its ownership by discerning collectors, it was mechanically rebuilt by specialist Brian Joseph in 2006 with a high speed axle and received new upholstery, top and paint thereafter. Its equipment includes chrome wire wheels, dual side-mounted spares with chrome rings and mirrors, Pilot-Ray lights, wide whitewall tires, shutter front radiator and hydraulic shock absorbers as it was when it was delivered by Murphy. Today it is in superb touring condition reflecting the previous owner's frequent use of the Duesenberg on tours and events This is a carefully and consistently maintained Duesenberg with the highest quality coachwork that has always retained its complete original entity, a rare attribute among Duesenberg’s, and been an important part of some of America's most respected collections. A CCCA National First Prize winner, it is fully ready for its next owner to enjoy it both for its refined, elegant coachwork and for its exceptional performance on the road.

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