1907 Dolson

The Dolson’s were successful wagon builders in Charlotte, Michigan -- southwest of Lansing -- in the late nineteenth century, reputedly building 5,000 units a year when one of John Dolson's sons, D. Elmore Dolson, became infatuated with the automobile. The company built its first car in 1902 and began production in 1904. The name was changed to Dolson Automobile Company in 1906, signifying the shift in its emphasis which by now included large four-cylinder automobiles from 22 to 45 ALAM hp. The automobiles were highly regarded not only mechanically but also for their unusually early adoption of galvanized steel and copper sheet panels over wood frameworks for bodywork. In common with many contemporaries, however, Dolson's reach exceed its grasp and soon after acquiring the St. Anne Kerosine Motor Company ran out of capital, entering receivership in late 1907 and liquidating in 1908. This 1907 Dolson is therefore one of the last produced and is the ultimate model, the 55/60hp L-head four-cylinder Model F. It is finished in dark green with black accent and mudguards over a bright red-orange frame and black pinstriped undercarriage with matching wood spoke wheels carrying white tires. Right-hand drive, it has shaft drive and is fully equipped with a folding soft top, black diamond-tufted leather upholstery, E&J acetylene headlights, E&J kerosene cowl lamps, a firewall-mounted Solar acetylene generator, dual spares on the right-hand running board, a Rubes-style bulb horn, brass radiator, kerosene taillight and a gorgeous brass spoke, wood rim steering wheel. The tall body has separate steps above the running board so the rear tonneau passengers can more easily access their compartment. It has received a particularly sympathetic restoration which importantly retains the original leather upholstery. The paint and brass are very attractive and the crack-free bodywork endorses Dolson's reputation for quality, durable metal sheathed coachwork. A rare and very usable high horsepower Brass Era automobile it promises to a unique entrant on brass and gas tours with its combination of imposing presence, vigorous performance and thorough and attractive presentation.

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