1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk

Studebaker struggled in the mid-50's to keep pace with Detroit's Big Three, first merging with Packard and then being acquired by Curtiss-Wright in 1956. In retrospect, it is amazing what Studebaker's engineers, designers and workers were able to accomplish with limited capital and under intense competitive pressure from GM, Ford and Chrysler with their essentially unlimited product and promotion budgets. Studebaker's highlight of the Fifties was the Golden Hawk. Introduced in 1956, the Golden Hawk added a McCulloch/Paxton centrifugal supercharger to Studebaker's 289 cubic inch V-8, creating a lusty but still economical engine with 275 brake horsepower at a modest 4,800 rpm. Offered in 1957 only in the 2-door hardtop body derived from Studebaker's landmark 1953 Raymond Loewy-influenced Starliner style, the Golden Hawk featured flared rear fender fins accented in contrasting color panels. It was a four-seat grand touring coupe with breathtaking performance. Completed on October 15, 1956, this 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk has been carefully and consistently restored to showroom condition. Finished in the appropriate colors of gold with white fender accents (the other choice was white with gold accents), it comes with its original owner's manual and copy of the Studebaker assembly order from the Studebaker archives. Automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, AM radio and tinted glass options make it a comfortable driver. The interior is accented in triple tone door panels with metal inserts. It is pleasantly and freshly detailed and correct including a chrome plated air cleaner housing. The paint, chrome, glass and interior are sound and usable, reflecting a correctly restored older car with subsequent careful use and maintenance. Everything about it says honest, sound and responsibly done. 1957 nirvana in one of the Fifties' most attractive, streamlined and integrated designs is just a touch of the throttle pedal away.

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