1937 Cord S/C Phaeton

Today the Cord 810/812 still looks fresh, interesting, creative and elegant. Imagine how impressive it was over seventy years ago when it was new. There was, literally, nothing else on the market like it. Only the Chrysler Airflows came close to being as imaginative and aerodynamically effective as the Cord, but somehow the Gordon Buehrig Cord harmonized with the market. Chrysler's Airflow fell flat. Then in 1937 with the introduction of the 812, Cord made the great even better by offering a supercharged version of its Lycoming-built V8 engine with 170 horsepower, 45 more than the un-blown engine. Only a very few Cord 810/812s were the attractive, sporting and practical Phaeton, coachwork that has become especially appreciated by today's collectors for its mix of style, top-down enjoyment and the practicality of room for four friends. Even fewer of them were supercharged like this restored 812 SC Phaeton. Finished in a restrained grey livery which highlights the body lines of Buehrig's 810/812, it has blue leather upholstery and a black cloth top. The dashboard is finished in blue matching the interior trim and includes a radio and accessory ash receiver. Cord fog lights accent the front bumper. Wide whitewall Firestone tires accent the grey exterior color. The restoration is very nice and will score well at local and regional shows while being a great car on the road that will display proudly at the end of a day's run. The effect of a Cord 810/812 still brings even the most experienced collectors to a standstill with its combination of classic presence and sleek, modern design in the Art Deco medium. An 810/812's effect on casual onlookers is electrifying, especially a supercharged phaeton with its exposed exhaust headpipes in subtle grey over blue like this example. It's drop dead gorgeous.

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