1957 Century Arabian

Century was one of the most enduring names in wooden pleasure boat building from its inception in 1926 until it transitioned to fiberglass in 1969. Based in Manistee, Michigan, Century concentrated on small pleasure boats and during World War II built some 3,500 assault boats for the U.S. Navy. It returned to pleasure boat building after the war, concentrating on construction in rot-resistant and beautifully grained mahogany. One of Century's most successful designs was the 19' 5" Arabian inboard. Offered with a variety of engines, and sometimes successfully powered by thundering Muscle motors including Chrysler 440s and 426 Hemi’s, the Arabian offered a gentle and adaptable hull design that earned no small amount of praise as a satisfying water ski boat with room for family and friends. Constructed of mahogany planking, the Arabian is beautiful and practical. This sparkling Arabian was completely restored in 2001 and has a freshly overhauled 312 cubic inch Ford Interceptor V-8 with a pair of low profile Carter YF side-draft carburetors and new old stock Velvet Drive transmission. It is beautifully finished in bright marine varnish showing the grain and rich depth of its mahogany hull. The interior is upholstered in yellow and brown vinyl. The instruments and dashboard are restored to showroom condition and the deck fittings are brightly chromed for show and durability. It comes with a dual axle trailer. There is an active club of Century boat owners offering both support in maintenance and repair and club events. The summer boating season will be much more enjoyable with this beautiful Century Arabian at your dock.

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