1941 Lincoln Custom

Built on an extended 138" wheelbase, 13" longer than the Zephyr and Continental, Lincoln designated its top of the line 1941 models the Lincoln-Custom series. The Lincoln-Custom filled out the top of Lincoln's product line that had been missing since the end of the Model K V-12 in 1939 and did it with majesty and luxury. Only 355 7-passenger Model 31 Lincoln-Customs were built out of a total production of just 650 for the year, and just 783 in the two years the model was produced, 1941-42. Powered by Lincoln's Zephyr 75 degree V-12 engine with 120 brake horsepower, 3-speed transmission and hydraulic brakes, the Lincoln-Custom was a moving island of luxury and imposing presence. This example has had a complete restoration in Paradise Green with green broadcloth upholstery complemented with dark green painted interior trim, dashboard and wheels dressed with hubcaps and trim rings and carrying whitewall tires. The rear wheels are skirted, emphasizing the length of the Lincoln-Custom wheelbase. Interior fittings are gold plated. The restoration has been done to high standards of appearance and function. The engine bay is nicely detailed. Comfort and convenience features include a radio, clock and heater. Modern air conditioning has been adapted to it for comfortable summer use although the compressor (which comes with the car) has been temporarily removed to keep the engine compartment in close to factory configuration. A captain of finance, master of industry or marquee movie star could ask no more than this elegant, luxurious, commodious 1941 Lincoln-Custom 7-passenger sedan.

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