1930 Packard 734

The combination of "Packard" and "sports car" is incongruous to some, but not to those who are familiar with the 1930 Packard 734 Speedster. Developed by Packard's legendary engineer, Col. Jesse Vincent, as 1929's 626, the 734 combined an extensively modified Deluxe Eight 385 cubic inch straight eight and 4-speed gearbox in a modified 134 1/2" Standard Eight chassis with a slim, low frontal area, lightweight two-seat body to create a lightweight, nimble speedster capable of well over 100 mph as it came from the factory. In the wake of the stock market crash, however, Packard's attention was elsewhere and the 734 Speedster received little marketing attention. As a result only 113 are believed to have been built but they have been coveted by collectors who appreciate performance, style and durability nearly from new. With so few built and readily available components several exceptionally well built Speedsters have been built over the years, including this beautifully presented example with chassis number 184029 and engine number 184015 appropriate to the original 1930 Packard 734 series. The narrow Speedster body is blue with a light blue accent complemented by dark blue leather upholstery and a beige cloth top. Chrome wire wheels carry whitewall tires with dual side-mount spares with mirrors and beige cloth covers, Pilot-Ray driving lights and a radiator stone guard. Restored to AACA National First Prize standards in the mid-80's, its cosmetics have been redone to show car standards more recently in the current very attractive livery. A lovely, fast Packard, it will be a proud addition to any tour, event or show and reward its driver and lucky passenger with the unusual opportunity to experience a Packard sports car.

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