1962 Citroen DS19

One of the most inventive automobiles ever conceived, the Citroen DS19 bristled with technical innovations, wrapped in a body design that owed nothing to any automobile that had ever come before it. Its introduction spurred French essayist Roland Barthes to characterize it in glowing terms: "The D.S. -- the 'Goddess' -- has all the features ... of one of those objects from another universe." Its hydro pneumatic suspension not only precisely controlled ride and handling it gave the driver fingertip control of ride height while also using hydraulics to power the gearshift, brakes and steering. It had front wheel drive and a 4-speed pre-selector transmission. The Deesse, as it was known in France, continued in production for two decades in a variety of body styles from plain sedans to stretch limousines and a series of decapotables, convertibles, built by another French legend, Henri Chapron which are valued by collectors who appreciate technical innovation, comfort and luxury. This Citroen convertible is titled as a 1962 DS19 but is in fact believed to be a 1971 ID19 with larger 2.2 liter engine and other later developments that improve performance, handling and comfort. It is an attractive older restoration in red with sound original tan leather upholstery with an attractive patina. The power operated folding top is black cloth. These Citroens with their coachbuilt Chapron bodies are rare in the U.S. and attract favorable attention on the road where their remarkable performance and highly developed suspension make them delightful, unusual, cars for tours or weekend drives.

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