1955 Imperial Newport

If the 1955 Chrysler C300 is the Banker's Hot Rod, the 1955 Imperial Newport hardtop is the Chairman of the Board's counterpart. Power comes from the same 331 cubic inch hemispherical combustion chamber V-8 with a single Carter 4-barrel carburetor and 250 horsepower. Luxuriously appointed and equipped with nearly every accessory which offered by Chrysler, just 3,418 of these Imperial Newport hardtops were built and this one is amazingly well preserved and original. The black paint has been redone sometime in the distant past. So far in the past, in fact, that it has rubbed through in places from repeated polishing. The chrome is sound but obviously aged. Best of all, though, the interior and upholstery is well preserved and original. The white leather and gold cloth inserts are sound and attractive. The gold and white dashboard paint and instruments show little age or deterioration, including the delicate lever mounted on the dashboard to control the automatic transmission. Power steering, brakes and windows are standard but this Imperial also has a power seat. The trunk is complete with the jack and a period Silvertown spare tire. Chrome wire wheels carry wide whitewall tires that contrast attractively with the Imperial's black paint and exterior chrome, including the signature fin-top taillights that distinguished the Imperials for several years. The eye appeal is immediate, a tasteful but also instantly recognizable example of success and exclusivity. It is way too good to restore and deserves to be driven, enjoyed and preserved as a rare example of Chrysler's senior marque.

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