1965 Jeep CJ5 Convertible

The versatility, ruggedness, dependability and utility of the Jeep endeared itself not only to a generation of GIs during World War II, but after that to Korea. Its common sense design, simplicity and wide availability of parts, as well as its adaptability to a variety of roles also brought continuing contracts well into the Vietnam era, not only for variants like the Mighty Mite and M170 but also for derivatives built on the standard CJ platform. With expertise stretching back nearly a quarter century, Kaiser-Jeep could built a CJ variant for almost any purpose. Proven in combat everywhere from the steppes of Russia through the quagmires of spring in France to the arid deserts of North Africa, Jeeps were the prime mover of every military in the world. In 1965 Israel was faced with a growing threat and ordered a series of specially-equipped CJ-5 Jeeps from Kaiser-Jeep. Powered by Jeep's legendary "Go-Devil" four, some were equipped as radio communications vehicles to coordinate the Israelis fast-moving tactics. Others were more offensive, like this tank-killing CJ-5 equipped with an M70 106mm recoilless rifle. Restored to the desert combat dull dun color employed in the Middle East to mask its presence, it is presented as it might have been employed in the Six Days War in 1967 with Israeli Army type identification, it has a deactivated M70 106mm recoilless rifle with deactivated fixed 50mm targeting gun mounted above it. The windshield is split in the middle to support the rifle's long barrel during transport. The windshields fold down during weapon deployment to give it a full range in traverse and elevation. The restoration has been done to high standards and the Jeep is fully equipped with jerry can, shovel, new tires and lateral rear seats for the gun crew. Blackout lights on the fenders supplement the regular headlights. Among military vehicles this is a very unusual example of a specific, limited production variant restored to high standards of accuracy, appearance and functionality and a rare export example of the Jeep's continuing versatility and adaptability to the demands of modern, high mobility warfare. It is unusually deadly and menacing.

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