1934 Nash

Charles Nash is one of the heroes of the automobile, rising from cushion-stuffer at one of Billy Durant's carriage companies to the presidency of General Motors. After the inevitable conflict with Durant he and a partner bought the Thomas Jeffrey Company in Kenosha, builders of Jeffrey automobiles, renaming it Nash Motors to capitalize on his considerable reputation within the industry. Nash automobiles are noted for their elegant design, solid value and, like Buick where Charlie Nash had started his automobile career, overhead valve engines. In 1934 this Nash Ambassador Eight was the top of the line in the year when the 1 millionth Nash was built. The 322 cubic inch eight produces 125hp at 3,600 rpm through a 3-speed transmission to a worm drive rear axle. The body design is by Count Alexis de Sakhnoffsky with many modern features including skirted fenders, discrete chrome spears on the six hood side vents and streamlined front fender marker lights. Raised ribs inside curved coves add character to the fenders and continue a theme of three stiffening ribs pressed into the top of the long hood. This example has never been restored, just maintained as needed to keep it sound, presentable and usable. It is finished in a medium green with black fenders and has grey cloth upholstery. The side doors open to the front and rear, a characteristic Nash touch of style and also easy entry. It is fully equipped including a heater, wind wings, steel wheels with hubcaps, wide whitewall tires, fog lights, Nash-branded radio, a built in trunk and enclosed rear spare. The paint and interior have been done at some time but the dashboard wood graining and instruments appear to be original and well preserved. The body was built by Seaman Body Company in style 1293, the 5-passenger Brougham, and the rear seat is impressively large, more than comfortable for three abreast seating. Only 28,664 Nash (and Lafayette) automobiles were built in 1934 and survivors are rarely seen, particularly this well preserved. The 1934 Ambassador series is considered a Full Classic(tm) by the Classic Car Club of America, an automobile that will be admired and unusual on CARavans and tours.

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