1955 Peerless GT

The Peerless GT is one of the more intriguing and influential British low volume performance cars in the late Fifties, but its name surprisingly derives from the American Peerless company. Following the First World War a number of motor trucks built by Peerless for the American Expeditionary Force and British War Department were returned to the U.K. for disposition. The depot in Slough, Surrey where they were stored and later reconditioned and serviced, was the site where the Peerless GT was built forty years later. The Peerless name was borrowed from the site. Introduced in 1957 as a 2-seat coupe with Triumph running gear both Peerless founders Jimmy Byrnes and Bernie Roger and Triumph management recognized it had more potential as a 2+2. The rectangular tubing semi-space frame chassis was widened and lengthened accordingly and the increased size made room for a deDion rear axle which contributed much to the handling, adhesion and road holding of the Peerless GT. Fitted with a fiberglass body featuring a prominent pair of finned rear fenders flanking a deep fastback rear deck, the Peerless GT used the TR3 front suspension, engine and gearbox. The fledgling company entered LeMans in 1958 and finished 16th overall and first in its class. Despite their 2+2 accommodations and slightly greater weight than similar Triumph and Morgan two-seaters with similar power the Peerless had better adhesion, low speed acceleration and superior top speed due to its aerodynamic closed body. Eventually 290 were built and they are highly regarded for their performance, generous accommodations, excellent ride and superior road holding. This Peerless GT has been thoroughly and completely restored from the ground up. Finished in red with tan leather upholstery, it is fitted with electric overdrive for high speed cruising and chrome wire wheels. A rare and very pretty car, the Triumph engine has been polished and detailed to show quality standards with polished SU carbs, valve cover, and intake manifold. An electric fan has been fitted. The interior features unusual bucket seats with slots for competition belts although only lap belts are installed. Left-hand drive for the American and Continental market, it is a very rare and strikingly attractive automobile done to very high standards throughout. Based on standard Triumph and British components service is simple and parts are readily available. Recently a company in the U.K. has begun to manufacture new Peerless frames and body components as well, making this one of the simplest and most cost-effective limited production 2+2 GTs available today and a car that will always be among the most exclusive and unusual on any tour or show field.

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