1958 Devin-Healey

A new car dealer in Southern California, Bill Devin was one of the earliest to be struck by the idea of combining the sleek, streamlined bodywork coming out of Italy with hot rodders' ingenuity in developing fast, ingenious combinations of light weight and good handling. Not satisfied with adapting a chopped and channeled Ford roadster body to a better handling chassis, Devin took an Ermini sports racer, made a mold from its body and adapted it to a wide range of chassis and driveline combinations. A Devin body on a TR3 or Corvette did away with superfluous weight, reduced aerodynamic drag and frontal area and transformed ordinary into extraordinary. The body design -- low, curvaceous and seductively streamlined -- was every boy's dream and it could be had from an ad in Road & Track or Sports Cars Illustrated for little money, complete with instructions. Later owners have elevated Bill Devin's dream to higher levels of fit, finish and function, as embodied in this beautifully built, prepared and presented Devin-Healey finished in a color akin to Aston Martin's racing green with black vinyl upholstery piped in green and finished off with a Fifties eggcrate grille and a driver's head fairing. The chassis is an Austin-Healey 100/6 updated with a later 3000 engine fitted with SU HD8 2" carbs, a Four-in-Tune exhaust system, oil cooler, electric cooling fan and internal components to suit. The transmission is a Toyota 5-speed. The chassis has tube shocks, new Dunlop center lock wire wheels with safety wired knockoffs and new Hoosier 5.50x16 tires. There is a fire suppression system, fuel cell, aero screens, removable steering wheel and full width roll bar with removable passenger side brace for touring events. The workmanship and materials are first rate throughout and it comes with a load of documentation including a pictorial history as found and through restoration, letters, receipts, HMSA history, SCCA, and VSCRA logbooks. There's even a period Devin body brochure signed by Bill Devin, whose signature also appears on the dashboard. Built to be a reliable and competitive event and historic racing car, it is done to the highest standards. Fresh and sharp, everything works as it should, it is street legal and awaits only a new owner to realize its potential and take advantage of its exceptional condition.

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