1938 Packard

Packard's claim to primacy in luxury automobiles endured many challenges in its long history, no less than during the Thirties when General Motors, Ford and Chrysler all sought to depose it. That the company survived, despite having a single marque and limited product offering during the Depression's years of deprivation, is a tribute both to the strength of Packard's reputation and to the quality of the automobiles its engineers, designers and workers produced. After evolving slowly during the mid-Thirties in 1938 Packard leapt forward in 1937 with important innovations, independent front suspension and hydraulic brakes, which brought its senior line, the Super Eight, into the forefront of luxury automobile design. By 1938 these features were proven and fully integrated in Packard's production, resulting in excellent, powerful, reliable and beautifully designed, styled and appointed luxury cars, among them this distinctive and luxurious Super Eight Convertible Coupe. It is the recipient of a thorough older restoration and is equipped with steel wheels with hubcaps, trim rings and white sidewall tires. The dual side mounts are enclosed in metal covers with mirrors set deeply into the sweeping front fenders. There is a rumble seat for occasional passengers. It has both leather flaps to protect the body's paintwork and a glove box and luggage door on the side for storage, augmented by a trunk rack over the rear bumper. A Packard Cormorant hood ornament identifies its lineage while Trippe lights emphasize its commanding presence and effectiveness on the road. Finished in a dark silver metallic, the interior is upholstered in black leather protected by a black cloth top. It is equipped with a clock, radio and heater. Under the hood the original aluminum cylinder head has been replaced with a more reliable cast iron head and the engine has an oil filter. As mentioned it is a thoroughly restored car that looks great and will perform with silent, secure elegance around town or on the many tours and events which its status as a CCCA Full Classic (tm) make it a welcome participant.

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