1960 Plymouth Fury

Plymouth's response to the rapidly escalating horsepower wars among its competitors was typically ingenious. Not only did it increase the size of its wedge engine but it came up with a wonderfully-named but also effective long cross-ram dual four barrel carburetor intake system. They called it the "Sonoramic Commando," a reference to the tuning effect of the long intake runners which vastly increased low rpm torque. Buyers had to be serious about performance to step up for the Sonoramic Commando. It added nearly 20% to the base price of a Fury V-8 hardtop like this. Fortunately, when the hood is up it looks absolutely glorious, appearance that matches the performance of its 361 cubic inch 310 hp engine. This '60 Fury Sonoramic Commando hardtop is equipped with pushbutton Torqueflite automatic, radio, heater ... and that's about it. It's a performance machine. One drive in it makes that absolutely clear. Finished in metallic burgundy, it still has its original standard red and white patterned upholstery. It rides on radial wide whitewall tires. It is highly original, having only one good repaint, an engine rebuild and careful detailing under the hood but otherwise is well preserved. The exterior is set off by Plymouth's extravagant 1960 chrome side trim including chrome fender skirts to match the Fury's rear fender shields and the "Sport Deck" trunk with spare tire motif. This is an exceptionally rare and unusual example of Mopar Muscle.

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