1929 Rolls-Royce

Powerful, quiet, luxurious and comfortable, Rolls-Royce has historically attracted some of the most attractive and exclusive coachwork, created to meet the individual needs and desires of the marque's clientele of wealthy, discerning owners, including the first owner of this Paris-delivered Weymann-bodied 1929 Phantom II 2/4 place coupe. Recorded in the Rolls-Royce records a delivered to "M. Hemingway," it has long been held that this was famed author and sportsman Ernest Hemingway, part of the circle of writers and artists in Paris in the 20's upon which much of the rich 20th century history of the City of Light is based. Weymann bodies were famed for their silence and strength. The patented construction involved metal joint plates that left a space between wood framing members, dramatically reducing the squeaks and groans of flexing dovetailed joints. By 1929 when this Phantom II was bodied fabric panels had been largely supplanted by lightweight aluminum and steel that took advantage of superior cellulose paint coatings. Its two seat coupe body with seating for two more in the rumble seat was the height of fashion and exclusivity, combining intimacy and exclusivity with the practicality of closed, weather-tight full body construction and rollup windows. Finished in two-tone green with black padded roof and brown leather upholstery and interior trim, it is luxuriously equipped with an opening rear window, varnished running boards with built-in tool trays, flower vases, an opening windshield, ample brightly finished interior wood trim and dipping headlights. The length of the Phantom II's hood and cowl is accentuated by the coupe body's low roof and windshield and blackwall tires with new polished wheel discs. The effect is furthered by the body designer's fortunate decision to put the spare wheel and tire at the rear, leaving the sweep of the front fenders and running boards free of the distraction of side-mounted spares. The overall effect is aggressive and purposeful, with a presence which few Rolls-Royces of the period can equal. An older restoration, it has been thoughtfully and professional fitted with power steering for touring. The interior, paint and metal and wood bright work are very presentable with only some paint cracks at stress points evidencing its tour miles. The chassis and engine are well maintained and recently detailed. It runs well and will be a superior tour car in all weather conditions. Combining Rolls-Royce quality, sporting two-place coachwork, a looming, aggressive presence and the fame of its first owner, Ernest Hemingway, it will always be the center of attention and a delightful ownership experience.

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