1984 Aston Martin Lagonda

The Lagonda sedan issued forth immediately after Aston Martin was acquired by private investors from the rubble of the David Brown Company. Faced with the necessity to convince the world they were not idle caretakers, and desperate for a dramatic statement that would put Aston Martin back in the news and in the minds of luxury car buyers, the Aston Martin team reinvigorated the Lagonda marque with this 280 horsepower V-8 powered, luxurious, fast and most of all dramatically designed Lagonda Saloon. The underpinnings were all Aston Martin V-8, limiting the engineering and development required to get the new car into production. The design was contributed by industrial designer William Towns (designer of the successful DBS) and it takes only one look at it today -- when it is still dramatic, exciting and even futuristic -- to appreciate what a departure it was when introduced in 1979. Various features were tried, including a state of the art digital dashboard, and some unusual features, like the fixed glass sunroof over the privileged rear seat passengers, were retained throughout its run. It stayed in production for a decade, which measures not only how exciting and fresh it was but also how well Towns' sleek, shingle-shaped design endured although only 645 were built, all by hand by Aston's finest craftsmen. There was nothing else even remotely like it on the planet ... and there still isn't today. This 1984 example is subtly liveried in deep blue with tan leather upholstery piped in blue, blue carpets and blue Mouton over rugs as well as an appropriate measure of traditional British wood interior trim which is in very pretty condition. A Jensen CD stereo is augmented by a gigantic Yamaha amplifier in the trunk with enough audio watts to catch the attention even of that kid in the old Acura blasting out rap music. It has new Continental radials on its factory alloy wheels. Aston Martin now supports these Lagonda saloons with parts, service and technical support. It doesn't appear ever to have been restored, just regularly and consistently maintained to high standards. The odometer shows some 47,000 miles which is consistent with the Lagonda's condition.

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