1933 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Tourer

Rolls-Royce in common with other luxury marques realized during the Depression that its one-model policy no longer fit economic realities and introduced the Twenty and later the 20/25hp, smaller Rolls-Royce models intended for owner-drivers who appreciated Rolls-Royce quality in a smaller and more easily driven package. The only compromise was size; quality was never sacrificed to price. This 1933 20/25 Tourer was attractively bodied by Kitchener & Woodiwiss and has Lucas P100 headlamps, a Lucas driving light, a bulb horn and rides on red wire wheels with blackwall tires. It is finished in antique white with original red leather upholstery, a tan cloth top, black top boot and side curtains in a neat pouch. The engine is tidy and has a full complement of the tools and accessories usually stowed under the hood including the wheel wrench, jack and hammer. The spare is attractively mounted in the rear where it does not disturb the flow of the crowned and flowing fenders. With accommodations for five, rear-hinged doors for easy access, picnic tables built into the back of the front seat. The brakes employ power assist; the gearbox has synchromesh on third and high gears. Central lubrication keeps the chassis quiet and thermostatically operated grille shutters regulate the engine coolant temperature. It is an ideal tour car and will bring its next owner entry into the full spectrum of Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club events as well as being a CCCA Full Classic (tm).

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