1934 Packard 12

Today's collectors' preferences run to open cars, but that preference melts to insignificance when confronted by a beautiful closed car like this 1934 Packard 1107 Twelve Victoria Coupe. Not only is its design superbly proportioned on the 142" wheelbase of the 1107 Twelve chassis but it is subtly and elegantly presented in a livery that is at once both refined and distinctive. Restored some fifteen years ago for Bill Chorkey, subsequent discriminating owners have included David Kane and Charles Morgan. Their care and attention to the car is evident in its condition, still Concours-ready and sparkling. The deep blue livery earned its "Blue Lady" nickname while in Bill Chorkey's ownership. It is still a lady of fine breeding, cultivated manners and desirability. Gorgeously presented with chrome wire wheels, whitewall tires, dual enclosed side-mounts, Packard driving lights, Solar vee-lens headlights, ingeniously concealed pull-down shades on the rear and quarter windows, an opening windshield, dual outside mirrors and a luggage rack, the deep blue paint is accented by gold coachlines beginning in a "downtick" arrowhead at the radiator and tapering subtly back to disappear below the quarter windows. The interior is resplendent in light blue leather with beautifully figured wood panels on the dashboard and around the windows and an elaborately engraved instrument board. It is a CCCA Senior winner, but that only hints at its quality. It is impossible to be too enthusiastic about this gorgeous Packard Twelve. It is delicious.

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