1937 Cord 812

Its innovative front wheel drive system and healthy Lycoming V-8 engine would have made the Cord 810/812 an important milestone in American car history. It’s simple, restrained; coffin-nosed body designed by Gordon Buehrig made it a landmark that still enjoys hallowed status among collectors. Introduced in 1936 as the 810 and modestly updated in 1937 as the 812, Cord's entry into the mid-priced market was a sensation. The bulk of production was standard sedans like this Westchester -- the similar Beverly had a different interior but was otherwise the same body style. Early models were fastbacks like this but a shortage of enclosed luggage space prompted Cord to design a version with a remarkably unattractive built in trunk which to this day is known as a "Bustleback." An older restoration, this Cord 812 has been done right and the interior, which is almost certainly original, has been carefully preserved. It is fitted with a radio, wide whitewall tires, chrome wheels covers and is Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club certified as it was originally delivered. The restoration must be approaching two decades old but still presents well in Dark Blue which highlights the distinctive lines of Gordon Buehrig's concept and Dark Blue cloth with Light Blue piping. The carpets are new. This is a very pretty Cord and was done right. It has now mellowed into a particularly attractive driver that will attract positive attention for the quality and preservation of its interior soft trim and upholstery. Gorgeous on tours, it will be proudly shown in the parking lot at the end of each day's run.

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