1960 Triumph TR3

Triumph introduced its two-seat sports roadster in 1953. Intended to cater to the needs of the U.S. market, its 2-liter engine, handy size, economical price and attractive body with cut down doors made it a commercial success. Triumph smoothed off the TR2's rough edges in succeeding years, introducing the TR3 in late 1955 and the TR3A in September 1957 with exterior door handles, integrated turn signal lights, lockable trunk lid and more comfortable seating. Triumph had become the first series sports car manufacturer to fit standard front disc brakes in a running change a year earlier. By the time this TR3A was built in 1960 the model's run was nearly at an end, but too many astute enthusiasts that means any problems had long since been resolved and the TR3A had reached a very high state of development. This is a ground up restored example in bright red with black leather upholstery piped in white, black carpets and a black cloth top. It is fitted with chrome wire wheels with black wall tires, fender mirrors and wind wings. The engine, cockpit, instruments and chassis have been very well restored, bringing this TR3A to very presentable condition that can be shown with pride and confidence.

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