1939 Lagonda

Founded by Wilbur Gunn of Ohio and nurtured by a succession of loyal, determined employees and Lagonda owners who appreciated its underdog image as the "poor man's Bentley," Lagonda persisted with only one insolvency throughout the 1930's. A LeMans 24 Hours win in 1935 cemented Lagonda's reputation. Only a few days later Lagonda was acquired by a financier, Alan Good, and the master, Walter Owen Bentley, was installed as technical director. His next engine masterpiece was Lagonda's V-12. It shared its independent front suspension, torsion bar springs, hypoid rear axle, stiff cross-braced frame and huge Lockheed brakes (effective brakes were one of Lagonda's hallmarks) with an updated six-cylinder power plant in the LG6. With cross-flow cylinder head a dual ignition that delivered more than 150hp and gobs of torque, the LG6 was a worthy complement to the Lagonda V-12. The two shared chassis, coachwork and were in the view of many contemporary observers credible competitors with Rolls-Royce and Bentley. This 1939 Lagonda LG6 Saloon is not only a wonderful example of the classic Lagonda LG6 but also a marvelously preserved, meticulously maintained original car that has survived now for seventy-one years essentially untouched. It is the personification of the concept of originality and patina: sympathetically preserved while bearing gracefully and with honor the evidence of its age. Owned by a Scottsdale, Arizona collector for many years, it is in top notch mechanical condition. Aside from one old repaint its cosmetics -- including the wonderful, sound, solid upholstery -- are beautifully original. It was supplied originally by Scott, Brown Company in Scotland and still wears their dealer identity plaque proudly. Body color wire wheels, dual covered side-mount enclosures (one of them covers a tool kit), Lucas headlights, a single driving lights and twin horns embellish its equipment. A clock in the glove box door, a radio, sliding sunroof, glass visors on the side windows and a one piece crank-out windshield mark it as a fully-equipped, luxurious saloon of the late 30's. The independent front suspension, hypoid rear axle chassis of the Lagonda LG6 is as good as anything built on either side of the Atlantic in 1939, and would be until well into the second half of the century. An AACA Historical Preservation Award winning automobile, this Lagonda LG6 is a prize of unusual quality, history, preservation and performance. It's also extraordinarily attractive, a rare find for collectors who appreciate performance, style, originality and classic design.

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