1926 Duesenberg Model A

The legend of Duesenberg was well-established by Fred and Augie's successful race cars long before they began production of automobiles bearing their name and the Model A was, in many respects, a more pure and appropriate manifestation of their vision and concept than the later E.L. Cord-backed Model J. Its inline eight cylinder engine displaced 260 cubic inches with cross-flow porting into hemispherical combustion chamber with angled valves actuated by rocker arms from the single overhead camshaft. The Duesenberg Model A's unusual features included high pressure lubrication, tubular connecting rods and an intake system with the carburetor on the exhaust side of the engine to pre-heat the intake charge, then a passage through the cylinder head to a beautiful ram's horn manifold. Its four-wheel hydraulic brakes were a first in American production automobiles. About 600 were built and they are appreciated for their quality, innovation and performance. In 1933 Hollywood pinup artist __ Krueger recognized the potential of the Duesenberg Model A and commissioned this unique speedster body utilizing among other components a 1934 Oldsmobile hood and taillights. It is a particularly attractive expression in two tone light grey with dark red leather upholstery, chrome wire wheels and wide whitewall tires that complement the subtle body colors, Woodlite headlights and matching parking lights and a steeply raked, low vee windshield. The interior is dominated by a big leaf spring spoke steering wheel and engine turned dashboard with oval Duesenberg instrument panel. A Jones tachometer and switches are mounted in a separate engine turned consold atop the cowl where it can be easily seen by the driver. Over the years this car has had a well-known and thoroughly documented history, at one point swapping its Duesenberg straight eight for a Marmon V-16 before being returned to its original configuration with a proper Duesenberg Model A engine. The design, with sweeping teardrop fenders, shield-shaped grille mimicking the shape of the Woodlites, low-slung narrow body, dramatic vee windshield and boattail rear deck were dramatic in the mid-30s and no less so today, a design that Gordon Buehrig, Fred and Augie Duesenberg or even Joseph Figoni would be proud to call their own. Its unique design, documented history and exceptional presentation are complemented by excellent performance and would be ideal for any of the many prestigious open road tours and events for quality, high performance, beautiful and rare classic cars.

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